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3:00 PM Pacific Time USA
4:00 PM Mountain Time USA
5:00 PM Central Standard Time USA
6:00 PM Eastern Time USA

7:30 PM Central Standard Time USA - KNLJ Jefferson City, MO

6:30 AM & 1:30 PM Mountain Time USA - KQDK/KQCK Denver, CO - Cheyenne, WY

Every weekday, Monday thru Friday

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Since its humble beginnings of 25 years ago, CTN has produced more than 30,000 Christian programs. And today, the good news of Christ has expanded from reaching a few thousand people in 1979, to reaching millions of homes all over North America, Hawaii, into parts of Mexico, Central and South America, Europe and the Islands of the Caribbean.

CTN provides unique, wholesome, award winning programming for the entire family, now reaching a potential audience of over 15 million viewers. Its International satellite CTNi has the potential to reach 500 million people.




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