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VFNtv & the Daily VFNRadio Program
Education, Illumination, Inspiration and Activation

It’s not enough to know the news, you need to know what to do with the news you know!

I chose you to bear fruit, much fruit and fruit that lasts, and without abiding with Me, you can’t do this, but with me all things are possible.*   

In the midst of so much negative doubt filled media that fails to give or recognize God’s perspective on His creation which includes you, VFNtv and the Daily VFNRadio Program seeks to be a driving force to encourage those who are followers of Jesus Christ, to help gather those who have gone astray and to reach out to those who are being drawn to our Lord Jesus Christ. Understanding, to be fruitful, we need to understand the times and season we are living in.  We seek to have an authentic discussion about our Savior and the life and season He has chosen for us to live in. We do this through Education, Illumination, Inspiration and Activation. Seeking to be educated through having authentic conversations, the sharing of teachings and taking a fresh and DAILY LOOK at GOD’S NEWS BEHIND THE NEWS we are seeing every day. We also do this through taking the light of God’s Word and illuminating what we’ve discovered through this education to find out WHAT IS TRUTH and WHAT is NOT TRUTH, and WHAT IS RIGHT AND WHAT IS WRONG. After looking face to face with our present day happenings, seeing what God’s Word says we seek to inspire those who are in the conversation with us through the empowerment that comes through the Good News of Jesus Christ and His Spirit so that we together can accomplish that which He has called us to do. Finally, if we fail to take action on what and Who we know to be True, our knowledge is useless and fruitless, therefore since our battle is daily, WE ENCOURAGE DAILY those who are in this conversation to take action, through our LIVING FAITH so we can live a victorious life in the eyes of our Lord here on earth to bring Him the Glory He deserves.  * Mark 9:23, John 15:4, 5,8, 16

Prophetic Confirmation for VFNtv & the Daily VFNRadio Program: 

I Will Begin To Redeem The Media And Airwaves In 2017!, Bill Yount

God is establishing new news anchors who will speak prophetically as they deliver the new.

God’s Plan for VFNtv Confirmed, Battleship of Protection & News Anchors Shifting, by Rick Joyner and Apostle Isaiah Kadiri of Nigeria, Africa.

The CONVERGENCE of a choir of Prophetic Words- Ineptocracy- Unless America Turns America will burn; and the coming Great Awakening

Find out and enjoy so much more at VFNtv.com.

Statement of Faith

The host Greg Lancaster is founder of Greg Lancaster Ministries, Vine Fellowship Network and VFNtv & the Daily VFNRadio Program, which are multifaceted ministries with a goal to encourage people to love God, love others, and lead others to do the same.



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