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Join The Movement and help turn hearts and minds towards making a positive impact on our nation and our nations people, by focusing on all seven spheres of culture, which determines the direction of a nation and a nations people.  These seven spheres of culture are like mountains that set the agenda for our nation, our states, our cities and our communities.  These mountains of culture we refer to as the Religion/Church Mountain, Family Mountain, Education Mountain, Government Mountain, Media Mountain, Arts & Entertainment Mountain and Business Mountain.


Your partnership helps to impact these mountains that have seemingly grown dark by helping to shine the Light of the Gospel and launch disciples of Light into each of these mountains and to empower them to make a positive impact on the mountain they are called to.  We believe that God is the creator of the universe and all that is in them and that it is He that holds all things together and it is He that gives each of us insight into how to make the greatest impact for God in our related mountains He has called us to through the leadership of His Son and our Lord Jesus Christ.

To join The Movement is simple and easy, but effective.  For where there is agreement and unity in the efforts God has called us to, we have the commanded blessing and greatest potential to make the greatest impact in the lives of those who live in our sphere of influence.

We do this through VFN Kingdom Business. To impact the Media Mountain, we have a weekday television program, VFNtv, and a network that broadcast Monday through Friday to 1.4 million potential audience members on the Gulf Coast as well as the nation and every country in the world through broadcast television, cable, digital and mobile; “In the air, in your pocket and on-line!” We are focused on the understanding it’s not enough to know the news, we need to know what to do with the news we know, where we give a biblical prophetic perspective of today’s headlines and how the seven spheres of culture are being impacted.

VFN Kingdom Business with its intense focus on each of the seven mountains of culture seeks to gather those who are in that specific mountain, empower, encourage, inspire, inform, educate and train, while building vital relationships with other Christians in their same field.  We know and believe, since the Lord is the Creator and the Sustainer of Life, He will and does give insight and in each of these gatherings all walk away filled with purpose, inspiration, the feeling of community and ready to make a positive impact on their culture and in the lives of the people they influence. 

No matter where you are called in this movement, we believe the Lord will empower you to be the Light He has called you to be, so as to bring Him glory and to save the nations, by making disciples in your mountain and helping them to grow in their abiding relationship with our Lord.

We feel strongly that those who join us in partnership are seen in the eyes of our Lord as accomplishing all that is being accomplish as a whole, on each of our partners account.  It is “us together” for “Him” to do “His will” to bring “His Kingdom” here on earth into the hearts of men.


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Everything begins in prayer and is sustain through prayer and we cherish each of our partnership who commit to lifting The Movement and those who work together to be “A LIGHT” in this world that brings our Father the Glory He deserves.

There are so many wonderful opportunities to volunteer to be a part of this multifaceted movement from helping to lead a specific mountain meeting, to serving at one of the gathers, or becoming a VFN Intern with VFN Television and so much more.

My feeling is that presently, there is not a better, more effective movement to invest than this movement for the present season we find ourselves in, in a nation that has taken the turn that it has.  Not only would you be giving towards advancing the Kingdom of God, to help lead others to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, to discipleship, and abiding relationship with the Lord, but you’ll also be sending LIGHT out into the darkened culture and communities we now find ourselves in.  To quote Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  “You can’t defeat darkness, we darkness, only LIGHT can do that.”




VFNtv Partnership Level Receives access to:



                  GREEN ROOM


                    THE TORCH


We have available and access for all of our VFNtv Partners teachings and messages that will encourage you, inspire you and give you prophetic insight to the realities of today and which help us get a perspective on how to respond to the challenges we face in the.

The Green Room is a place where we are able to place special clips and media that we like to share directly with our partners of what is taking place at the time, special moments in time and moments of encouragement.

Specials are just that; special recordings we’re making available to all our VFNtv Partners that is give special access to media events that is there to say thank you and to inspire.

You’ll receive The Torch weekly newsletter that keeps you informed of a biblical perspective of today’s headlines. It will not only give you personal knowledge, but also insight in how to help others better understand the times and seasons we are in. Being able to have relevant conversations that bring Light into recent events.

You’ll receive notifications and invitations, as a partner, to upcoming events and gatherings, “mountain meetings,” so that you can participate, or share with others so they can be encouraged in their life’s journey.






               VFNKB ACCESS

A constantly expanding and growing resource areas, just for VFNKB Partners, for each of the specific spheres/mountains of culture that will inspire, educate, inform, challenge, and uplift each VFNKB Partner as they seek to be a light in their place in the mountain they work, live, and seek to impact.

Including up to date news and events that you and those they seek to influence are experiencing in their daily lives. Finally, you’ll have access to any previous mountain meetings that were recorded in a previous mountain meeting and so much more.


Partner Login

Partner Login



Thank you for considering partnering with us in the movement!

Greg Lancaster


VFNtv & the Daily VFNRadio Program and VFN Kingdom Business are ministries of Greg Lancaster Ministries, Inc., a non-profit 501(3)c corporation and all contributions are tax exempt in accordance to the IRS Code. When the funds for a certain specified item(s) or project has been met or exceeded or the need for the item(s) or the project(s) is no longer in affect, all remaining funds will be used at the discretion of the ministry for furthering of the ministry vision of Greg Lancaster Ministries. All designated donations are gratefully received with the understanding that Greg Lancaster Ministries has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds, and while we do our best to honor the wishes of our donors, that designations are advisory in nature.



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